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Who doesn't love summer? Unfortunately, it's not just a day at the beach.
The Dark Side of the Sun
The Dark Side of the Sun
Who doesn’t love summer? Unfortunately, it’s not just a day at the beach. As our atmosphere lets through more harmful rays and climate change promises longer, hotter summers, skin cancer – already on the rise for more than three decades – is poised to become an even greater health threat. Melanomas, in particular, are fast-moving and deadly. That’s why several Weizmann Institute scientists are using the latest techniques and developing new theories to understand and treat melanomas.
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book   Knowing When to Stop
How does a plant – whether a giant redwood or tiny-leaved moss – know when to stop growing? Prof. Yuval Eshed’s findings were contrary to his expectations.
satellites   The Bond Between Bacteria
Bacteria that live in communities gain protection from bonding together in biofilms. Dr. Ilana Kolodkin-Gal studies the negatives (devastating infections) and positives (dealing with CO2).
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  Bats Give New Dimensions to Brain Research
Weizmann neurobiologist Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky has a unique partner in studying brain function: bats. Specifically, Egyptian fruit bats, which wear tiny backpacks holding the world’s smallest GPS units, which he designed. He is able to “watch” their mental processes as they unerringly navigate both lab and countryside, providing fresh perspectives on how our brains orient us and on the role of short-term memory.

In this three-minute-long video, he explains his research, and why his unusual approach was so necessary.

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