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  Science for the Benefit of: The Physical World  
 Spring Cleaning for the Planet    

At long last, it’s spring. While you’re opening windows and spring cleaning your home, the Earth also needs attention: decades of pollutants contaminate our water, air, and soil. Fortunately, Weizmann scientists are finding creative ways to safely remove such toxins. On Earth Day, April 22, join 1 billion others and do something positive for our planet – like helping support the scientists who are cleaning up the past. Together, we can create a greener tomorrow.

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Support Weizmann scientists who are developing new energy sources; growing plants that can withstand drought; and revealing the complexities of our climate. Together, we can protect our planet.

Give and Take
Mobile Lab
Determining how much CO2 we put into the atmosphere versus how much plants take out is challenging. Prof. Dan Yakir has found a way to do the math.
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  Studying Earth –
and Beyond
Dr. Itay Halevy
Dr. Itay Halevy studies the climate and geochemistry of Earth … and elsewhere. By looking at the distant past, he hopes to learn how life evolved.
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    From Norway to Israel, For the Planet

Prof. Sabrina Sartori is a visiting professor from Norway in Prof. Reshef Tenne’s lab. His advances with inorganic nanotubes could aid her research; her input could take his group in fruitful new directions. Interested in the future of energy storage – “imagine filling up your tank with metal powders and hydrogen” – Prof. Sartori hopes their partnership will “strengthen the collaboration between Israel and Norway … joining forces for a clean energy future.”

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