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LOS ANGELES, CA (June  06, 2016) – Rediscover great moments from the last 80 years of American cinema as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Cinema Archives vault and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) Limited Edition Collection bring you 16 new classics, available for purchase on DVD this Summer.
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Sierra Baron (1958) – FOX
When a rancher with a Spanish land grant in California attempts to defend his claim against greedy American land grabbers, they hire a gunfighter from Texas to intimidate him. However, the gunfighter falls for the rancher’s sister and finds himself changing sides – a decision that proves fatal for him.
You’re My Everything (1949) – FOX
A successful stage dancer gets a screen test and his wife steps in to help with a scene and she gets the studio contract instead of him. She goes on to become a major movie star and he returns to his career as a dancer.
Too Busy To Work (1932) – FOX
A depression era vagabond (Will Rogers) searches for the wife and daughter who left him years earlier. On the way he ends up meeting an incredible assortment of characters that help him along the way.
On The Threshold of Space (1956) – FOX
During the dawn of the space program, Capt. Jim Hollenbeck (Guy Madison) elects to proceed forward in military experiments for the early Air Force. Despite the risk, his wife, Pat (Virginia Leith) stands by his side while his Major, Ward Thomas (John Hodiak), pushes him to keep excelling for the future.
Race for the Yankee Zephyr (1981) – MGM
A drama about good guys Wahl and Pleasance and their nemesis Peppard attempting to recover $50 million in gold from a DC-3 wrecked during World War II.
The Year of the Comet (1992) – MGM
A “Romancing the Stone” style adventure. A wallflower like woman begins to bloom when her discovery of a priceless bottle of wine lands her in the middle of international intrigue.
The Gift of Love (1958) – FOX   
Physicist Bill Beck falls in love and marries a doctor’s receptionist named Julie. Five happy years later, she develops a heart condition and fearing she will die, adopts a fantasizing orphan, Hitty. It’s an uphill battle forging a relationship between the equally self-absorbed physicist and child.
Prince of Players (1954) – FOX
Biography of the “Mad booths,” one of America’s greatest acting families, and particularly of Edwin booth’s two great tragedies… The death of his wife and his hot-Headed brother’s assassination of president Lincoln. The Shakespearean scenes are exceptional. Screenplay by Moss Hart.

Available June 21st

The Big Gamble (1961) – FOX
An Irishman, departs for Africa with his French wife and his wimpy cousin. They plan to open a trucking business and make all sorts of money. They soon learn that Africa is no easy place to earn a living.
Predator: The Quietus (1988) – MGM
The disappearance of teenagers and a child, plus the brutal slaying of livestock, attracts the media. A New York tabloid editor commission’s freelance reporter Kelly O’Neill to cover the story. She arrives at the moor only to be met with frustration from the local police, and suspicion from the villagers. Kelly moves her camp to the wilds of the moorland and encounters the outcast of the town — and supernatural elements. Eventually with the aid of Kane, a big-game hunter, the two discover the mysterious power that has been hunting the moor.
Prime Target (1989) – MGM
A homicide detective assigned to investigate serial killings of New York policewomen begins to suspect that the serial killer might be a fellow police officer.


Available July 19th  

Gang War (1958) – FOX
A Los Angeles high school teacher witnesses a gangland killing and is forced into testifying. He is then harassed by the gang and eventually helps the police in nabbing the criminals.
Five Gates to Hell (1959) – FOX
A Communist soldier raids a French hospital in Vietnam during the 1950’s and takes two doctors and seven nurses hostage. His plan is to make then tend to his injured leader then turn the women over to the other soldiers.
Save Me (1993) – MGM  
An honest stock-trader is seduced by a mysterious young woman into an erotic adventure beyond his wildest fantasies, until someone tries to kill him.


Available August 9th  

Superbeast (1972) – MGM
A lost pathologist (Antoinette Bower) finds a doctor (Craig Littler) making hairy human targets for a hunter (Harry Lauter) in the Philippines.


Silent Victim (1992) – MGM   
Bonnie Jackson, a pregnant woman in a violent marriage, attempts suicide which results in miscarriage. Her husband, furious that Bonnie never told him of her pregnancy, is contacted by activists who convince him to sue his wife. When an ambitious district attorney moves to charge Bonnie with an illegal abortion, media vultures, as well as people on both sides of the issue, turn Bonnie’s private torment into a public circus.

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