Acorelle, 100% Natural, Certified Organic Perfume Launched in US

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Everybody knows you can change your perfume according to your mood.

Now, thanks to French perfume company Acorelle, you can change your mood by changing your perfume.

An exciting collaboration between master perfumer, Philippe Collet and aromatherapist Patty Canac, Acorelle’s “extraits d’ emotions” are the result of a unique combination of traditional perfumery, modern, eco-friendly technology and the ancient wisdom of using plants and flowers for healing and comfort, skillfully blended with distilled wheat alcohol.

Blended and bottled in Agen, France, with ingredients grown in Grasse, the legendary capital of French perfumery, Acorelle’s “extraits d’emotion” are the only fragrances certified by Europe’s ECOCERT and NSF as all natural and organic. Acorelle fragrances contain no synthetic scent compounds, artificial preservatives, parabens or phthalates, substances believed to cause endocrine damage. Many innovative cosmetics companies are eliminating these substances from their products; Acorelle never used them in the first place.

Working with a scent palette of approximately 200 all-natural, plant and flower extracts and oils, Acorelle’s artisan perfumers create fresh, modern organic perfumes in the classic French style” complex, and layered, unfolding over time on the skin to reveal a volatile top note, lingering middle notes and base notes that provide a lasting foundation for the more delicate components of the scent. Aromatherapist Patty Carnac advises the team and oversees the aromatheraputic benefits of each scent, assuring their effectiveness.

The result is Acorelle’s three collections of all-natural scents, each with hidden benefits; perfumes that are intended to soothe, uplift and exhilarate as well as seduce.

Each collection has its own theme: Energizing (“Tea Garden”, “Pure Patchouli”, and “Land of Cedar”); Balancing (“Silken Rose”, “Absolu Tiare”, and Vanilla Blossom”) and Soothing (“Divine Orchid”, “Citrus Infusion” and “Lotus Dream).

Each individual perfume is infused with essential oils that have the power to renew physical and mental energy, enhance sensuality or comfort and calm.

In addition to the three main fragrance collections, Acorelle also produces three body mists: energizing “Ocean Sage”, soothing “Exquisite Vanilla” and balancing “Pure Fruit.” These ultra-light body sprays are softly fragrant, and enhanced with vegetable glycerin which helps to hydrate and soften the skin. They are perfect post work out or for a quick pick-me-up during your day, with scents light enough to wear to work or re-apply several times during the day whenever you need a lift.

Acorelle’s extraits d’emotion are available in a rich eau de parfum, a lighter eau fraiche, and in 2015, Acorelle introduced a purse-size roll-on format, allowing customers to try multiple scents at once or to keep a special favorite close at hand at all times in a purse or a backpack. An immediate success, these portable roll-ons are among Acorelle’s most popular products. They are the ideal size for travel, conforming to TSA regulations, and they are the perfect, affordable introduction to the uplifting luxury of Acorelle scents.

Acorelle fragrances are pure. Many customers who experience headaches or other allergic reactions to conventional perfumes are surprised and delighted to discover that they can wear Acorelle fragrances without any adverse reactions to the all-natural organic scents.

Acorelle fragrances are available at select Whole Foods markets and other health food stores and upscale spas, connecting with customers who appreciate healthy luxury.



Perfume has been a part of French life and culture for over 400 years.

In 2005, a modern French fragrance company, Acorelle began writing a new chapter in the history of perfumery, combining time-honored techniques with new, green technology and traditional aromatherapy to create natural perfumes that are as beautiful and sophisticated as any classic French perfumes, but certified organic and 100% natural.

A true perfume should be made by a perfumer, “says Lucie Herlin, Acorellle’s US sales and marketing manager. “It’s an art.”

The artists behind Acorelle’s three fragrance collections are well-known in the industry: master perfumer Philippe Collet has created scents for some of the best-known names in fashion, and Patty Canac is an aromatherapist, a specialist in the scientific and medicinal properties of flower, and plant extracts.

Each scent we create must have an element of aromatherapy, “Lucie explains.

Acorelle fragrances are blended by a team of artisan perfumers in Grasse, the French capitol of perfumery.

Our perfumers have about 200 different scents that they can play with, “Lucie explains. “Essential oils, plant extracts, flower waters. They are all organic, and completely natural, and we blend them with wheat alcohol which is organic and naturally distilled. It has no parabens or phthalates, which are believed to cause endocrine damage.”

Crafted like traditional French perfumes, Acorelle fragrances are designed to reveal themselves slowly as they linger on the skin, constructed around a strong introductory top note that evolves into a softer heart, and grounded by a “base note” the most stable and longest-lasting element that forms the foundation

Acorelle produces three distinct collections in its line, “extraits d’emotion”: Soothing (”Divine Orchid”, “Lotus Dream” and “Citrus Infusion”), Balancing (“Vanilla Blossom,’ “Silky Rose” and “Absolu Tiare”) and Energizing (“Tea Garden”, “Pure Patchouli” and unisex “Land of Cedar”). Each contains essential oils that work on the limbic system, and are believed to be relaxing, comforting, sensual or revivifying.

You apply them behind your ears, on the inside of your wrists, or on the back of your neck, “Lucie explains. “It intensifies the aramoatherapy effect.”

In addition to the nine core fragrances, Acorelle also makes three ultra-light body mists: “Ocean Sage” (energizing), “Exquisite Vanilla” (soothing) and “Pure Fruit” (balancing). These body mists are meant to be applied lavishly, all over the body. They are lightly scented, and enriched with vegetable glycerin, to hydrate and refresh the skin. All of the body mists are ideal for after a workout or a quick refresher during the day. The scents are subtle enough to wear to work, and to re-apply several times during the day.

The most popular Acorelle fragrance is “Pure Patchouli,” and patchouli, a notoriously polarizing note in perfumery also appears in the bestselling ‘Vanilla Blossom.”

It is a scent that people have a strong reaction to, “says Lucie. “People are passionate in their love, or their hatred, for patchouli. Our version is not typical. It is softer, less aggressive than other patchouli perfumes. It surprises many people.”

Acorelle fragrances are available as eau de partum and eau fraiche. In 2015, the company introduced a roll-on that is the perfect size to fit in a purse or gym bag, or for traveling. The smaller size and accessible price point made the roll-ons a fun introduction to the Acorelle scents, allowing new customers to try more than one at a time.

Once our customers are familiar with the roll-ons, they eventually want the larger size”, says Lucie.

The purity and wholesomeness of Acorelle scents attract a wide variety of customers. “We attract consumers who love the outdoors, “she says. “We have a lot of customers who are concerned about the environment. We also get a lot of customers who can’t wear conventional perfumes because they get headaches from the synthetic ingredients.”

Acorelle fragrances are sold nationally at Whole Foods and other health and lifestyle stores, as well as at upscale salons and spas.

As the company grows, Philippe Collet and Patty Canac will continue to explore the therapeutic and mood-enhancing potential of perfumes. There are plans to produce three new “premium” perfumes, made with the most “noble” ingredients in perfumery, while offering the company’s trademark aromatherapy benefits.

They will never lose sight, though, of their core mission. Lucie Herlin insists, “We want to make organic perfumes accessible to everybody.”


September 2015

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