True U Fitness Opens In Downtown Sarasota, Certified personal trainers Keith Jobin and Joe Muscatell introduce Sarasota to a revolutionary, ultra-slow weight-training program

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True U Fitness Opens In Downtown Sarasota

Certified personal trainers Keith Jobin and Joe Muscatell introduce Sarasota to a revolutionary, ultra-slow weight-training program.


(Sarasota, FL) Sometimes a little goes a long way. Just ask certified personal trainers Keith Jobin and Joe Muscatell, who recently opened True U Fitness. They’re exponents of “Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training”—a game-changing, ultra-slow, weight-training regimen that drastically boosts strength and fitness with far less time and effort than traditional programs. It’s based on the theory that using slow force to push a muscle past the point of fatigue stimulates muscle growth, increases muscle strength and elasticity, and improves muscle tone. True U Fitness puts this program to work using customized, one-on-one training on state-of-the-art Nautilus machines. Their downtown Sarasota facility definitely breaks the mold.

“Don’t think gym,” stresses Muscatell. “We’re more like an anti-gym.” He explains that he and Jobin work one-on-one with clients in an intimate, tranquil setting without music, mirrors or distraction. “All that’s needed is two 20-minute workouts per week,” he says. According to Muscatell, the workout breaks down to a slow speed of 10 seconds on the lifting phase and 10 seconds on the lowering phase. “Traditional strength training concentrates on bringing the muscles to fatigue,” says Muscatell. “We go one step further—to muscle success.”

What’s muscle success?

Jobin defines it as the point where your muscles can no longer move the weight. “We call it the ‘impossible repetition,’” he says. “It’s the last lift you just can’t do. That’s where results begin, including toning, shaping and firming. Clients also build lean muscle tissue. That increases the body’s metabolism and burns extra calories, even when you sleep.”

“Most people think more is better,” adds Muscatell. “We believe that less is better—and we achieve more with less time and effort using scientific principles.” He explains that the starting point is always the client, ranging in ability from average to athletic. First, a certified personal trainer adjusts the gear to the client’s specifications. They then coach them through a workout cycle on six to eight machines. The workout pays off when they reach that “impossible repetition,” usually after one to two minutes on each machine.

“It’s a fast workout, but getting it over with isn’t the point,” says Jobin. “Getting results is!” He adds that the individual emphasis also sets the system apart. Where most workout regimes take place in a class or group setting, True U Fitness deals with every client one-on-one in a private environment. “You don’t have to worry about recording your progress, setting up appointments, whatever. We do all that for you.”

Bottom line?

“We bring clients to muscle success,” says Muscatell. “We go one step beyond traditional strength training. We ensure you do each exercise correctly, instead of wasting hours and hours at the gym with little or no results. We also offer a private environment with no music, mirrors, or personal judgments. There’s nothing to distract you from your workout. It’s just you, your trainer and the machines.”

For more information, visit or call 941-373-6300. The facility is located at 1727 Second Street, Suite 1, Sarasota.

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