Not one for conforming to traditional rock requirements, Las Vegas’ Jason Rylan will soon be sharing his eclectic mix of inspirations from world’s big names in music, as early as November

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Madonna, Morrisette, U2 and DJ Calvin Harris Inspire New Style Rock Album

Not one for conforming to traditional rock requirements, Las Vegas’ Jason Rylan will soon be sharing his eclectic mix of inspirations from world’s big names in music, as early as November.

His third album ‘The Charm’ and a personal autobiography of sorts, upcoming LGBT rocker has branched away from the traditional rock sound we associate with the likes of the Rolling Stones. In as much as you would create a bespoke album with your favourite music icons, Rylan has essentially done the same. A rocky electronic dance music style fuelled by inspiration from Madonna, Alanis Morrisette and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris’ EDM mixes, could this be a new genre of music in the making?

Combining EDM beats, traditional rock guitars with unique pop and electro hybrid rhythms, ‘The Charm’ is also music with a message. Reflecting on life events and affirming LGBT teens it gets easier, Rylan hopes that his new rock style music will not only be exciting but his lyrics will encourage listeners to live life to the fullest.

Rylan commented, “Rock music doesn’t have to fit a certain criteria. It is about expressing yourself and having fun as you do so. During the production of this album I felt very inspired by some of my favourite artists so I decided to use this in my music.

“Music is made to flow between genres and I believe this is exactly what ‘The Charm’ does. It made a rocky start however the final product is a hybrid of influences from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. There is no reason why musical influences can’t span time and genres.”

The track ‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ is the perfect example of Rylan’s new musical fusion, the Calvin Harris influenced song flitting seamlessly between heavy rock and a clubby dance style. Rylan hopes that the mix of genres will make people really stop, listen to the music and appreciate it for what it is.

True to life, it takes courage to be different. As Rylan points out “we have come a long way in terms of accepting difference but have some distance yet to go. I hope my new style of music and the message behind its conception will continue to bridge this gap and encourage people to start celebrating difference rather than negatively judging it.

A popular phrase coined from Kimberly ‘Sweet Brown’ Wilkins, the track ‘Ain’t Nobody (Got Time for That)’ describes Rylan’s feelings towards the things that he no longer has time for, such as addiction and back stabbing to unwelcome negativity and drama.

Taking things one step further, Rylan goes on to tell his listeners with post-breakup song ‘I’m Just Sayin’, that no matter what is happening in life, it can always be changed for the better if past events are let go of.

‘The Charm’ also includes a reinvention of the U2 hit ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ and showcases the rockers love for dubstep.

An amalgamation of contrasting styles, ‘‘The Charm’ ultimately embraces the age-old question of what is normal and what isn’t. It takes us from our comfort zone of what we know, in anticipation of us learning to embrace change.

Rylan continued, “This is my most personal album to date. I have bared my soul and I hope that listeners understand, enjoy and relate to what I have to say.”

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Jason Rylan is a Californian musician who specialises in rock music. Drawing on many influences including worldwide LGBT events and the work of some of his favourite artists, Rylan works to produce some of the most eclectic music while remaining true to his own style. Founder of Las Vegas audio and visual recording company, Sky Ambient Productions Rylan has worked with stars including Sham Lewis, Talbot Snow and Dane Nagahuki.

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