TransMedia Group Hired to Hook Hollywood on True Story behind Nation’s Largest Pill Mill Scheme Perpetrated By Two Brothers Now Serving Lengthy Prison Terms

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Tom Madden, who owns the PR firm TransMedia Group in Boca, has agreed to executive produce the movie about the Pill Mill masterminds, the Georges brothers.  While the identical twins are serving hefty prison sentences, Madden believes he can turn the true story into a $100 million movie, which is more than twice what prosecutors say the twins netted in profit from the phony pain clinics they operated from 2008 to 2010 until the law came crashing down on them.  Madden knows a bit about movie making and TV series as he was once the #2-ranked executive at NBC under Fred Silverman before he started TransMedia in Manhattan and then moved it down to Boca.

TransMedia Group Hired to Hook Hollywood on True Story behind Nation’s Largest Pill Mill Scheme Perpetrated By Two Brothers Now Serving Lengthy Prison Terms

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group said it will publicize and market book rights and the completed movie script based on the true story behind the $40 million pill mill scheme operating out of pain management clinics in South Florida from 2008 to 2011.

The script titled “Prescription For Death” tells how identical twins Christopher and Jeffrey George, now serving lengthy prison sentences, pulled off the nation’s largest pill mill operation that killed scores of addicts and, according to Federal Prosecutors, netted over $40 million in profit, said TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden. A former network television executive, Madden will also be the film’s executive producer.

“It’s a horrific tale that’s a combination of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Miami Vice,’ which is bound to hook publishers and Hollywood producers looking for a steamy true story,” he said.

Publicity will focus on highlights of how the Georges, who were in their twenties at the time, opened the first of the four notorious pain clinics. The clinics dispensed Oxycodone and other powerful narcotics to “patients,” most whom were addicts who traveled the South Florida from throughout the country to get high and deal in drugs, said Madden.

Prosecutors maintain the George’s pain clinics sold more than 20 million Oxycodone pills, leading to state and federal legislators changing the laws governing the regulation of purchasing and dispensing pain medication across the nation.

“We can’t wait until Hollywood hears our news about the scenes of extortion, kidnapping attempts, undercover and overt surveillance, money laundering, dramatic arrests, law enforcement machinations, and courtroom drama that will curdle the blood of the most hardened producers,” said Madden.

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TransMedia Group is an award-winning public relations and marketing firm founded by Tom Madden, who was once the #2-ranked executive at NBC in New York under then CEO Fred Silverman. Madden is an author and TV program producer himself as are others on his staff.

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