Bittersweet Beach Days: In Nostalgic Lyric Video for “That Summer,” Australian Pop Singer Dioni Achingly Recalls Friend Who Fell Victim to Melanoma

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Dioni EP
2 June 2015
Bittersweet Beach Days: In Nostalgic Lyric Video for “That Summer,” Australian Pop Singer Dioni Achingly Recalls Friend Who Fell Victim to Melanoma

Compared to 1960s icons Dusty Springfield and Sandie Shaw, multi-talented Dioni will release self-titled EP on June 2, 2015





“Love it – simple as that!”- Beehive Candy


“Dioni has a rich voice that she uses on “Don’t Let Me Down” to transport listeners back to the 1960’s.”

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(Los Angeles, CA) – May 19, 2015
The Musebox today announced that Australia’s sweet and soulful export, Dioni, has released the bittersweet lyric video for her new single, “That Summer.” According to a recent review by O Kosmos, Dioni is “blessed with a heavenly voice and shows her masterful use of a massive range while incorporating warm, beautiful lows and powerful, honey-dipped highs.” Dioni explains that “That Summer” is a warning of the contradiction of summer’s beautiful beach life and its sometimes dangerous effects: “With clear blue skies, crystal clear seas, laughter, and a carefree lifestyle, there also lurks an insidious, sinister menace, a constant threat to which we easily and unwittingly fall prey.” Dioni’s good friend succumbed to melanoma, an often deadly form of skin cancer. Now, “the memory of her once beautiful face is all I have left of that summer.” “That Summer” was released today May 19th on iTunes, while Dioni’s new self-titled EP will be released on June 2. More information on Dioni is available on her official site.
In “That Summer,” Dioni hopes to spread awareness of the stealthy nature of melanoma: “Prevention is imperative. My friend was always careful to protect herself from the sun, but who would have thought about covering up your big toe?” Dioni strongly suggests “regular check-ups – especially regarding anything that appears suspicious.”
Compared to ’60s icons Dusty Springfield and Sandie Shaw, the renaissance woman from Sydney has traveled extensively throughout Greece, performing in ancient theatres and stadiums in support of bands such as Faithless, Soft Cell, and The Chemical Brothers. Dioni has performed as a solo artist in Australia, France, Germany, Greece, and Qatar. She has a multilingual repertoire (including seven languages) and the ability to sing in multiple genres.
In 2001, Dioni co-founded her group Astyplaz, of which she is still the lyricist and vocalist. She soon caught the attention of veteran promoter Gilles Petelle, formerly of BMG Canada. Dioni played around the world, including Quebec City and Montreal, where her label Chic Vinyl Records is based. She has since released two albums, Name Your Slippers and Bi, with Astyplaz (Universal and EMI, respectively), and a third collaborative EP. Dioni has also had tracks featured in numerous compilations, including the internationally recognized Buddha Bar XI series.
Dioni has worked voluminously as a voice-over artist, contributing her mellifluous voice to animated film, television jingles, documentaries, video games, and educational videos. Integrating strong theatrical elements in all her shows, Dioni has been particularly influenced by Bertolt Brecht, Theatre of the Absurd, and German Expressionism.
Charity is close to Dioni’s heart. She has participated in various events, including the International Red Cross and a UNESCO concert for the International Day of Peace. Dioni was present for the Special Olympics of 2011, and enjoyed entertaining the Australian athletes in the presence of Tim Shriver.


For more info on Dioni, visit her social media: OFFICIAL SITE |  FACEBOOK | TWITTER


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