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Things We Love This Month
This March, TCM helps you brush up on your Art History with a four night Special Theme on Art & Artists. I’m especially looking forward to March 7 and March 14, where the focus is Artist Biopics. I love a good biopic–and I particularly enjoy stories about how talented and successful people got their start. Read More
Things We Love This Month
While I’m about 50% Austrian and 25% filler, my last name is Reilly so I identify as Irish. Which is why I went straight to the 17th, figuring I’d write about the inevitably scheduled The Quiet Man (1952). Wait…no Maureen O’Hara on St. Patrick’s Day? I’ll be having a word with Mr. McGee in the Programming Dept.
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I owe a lot of my movie love to my father, though neither of us truly realized it while I was growing up. We’d go out to the theater to see them together, and we always made sure to stop by the video store on Friday nights to pick up a new release. While musicals have always been my favorite, I also have a weakness for great action movies and Westerns thanks to him.
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Things We Love This Month

One upon a time in a galaxy far, far away (Hollywood of the 1930s), the one requirement necessary to be successful in movies was to have a beautiful puss. It’s what audiences at that time paid to see: jawdroppingly gorgeous people of the Hedy Lamarr-Tyrone Power-Madeleine Carroll variety who looked totally unlike anyone living down the block in ye ole hometown.

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A friend and colleague of mine, the movie critic Alonso Duralde, reminded me recently that a film we were reviewing together–I believe it was the Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle, The Revenant— featured characters with a trait I often admire on screen: they were exceedingly good at their jobs. Alonso was correct–I’d forgotten how much I enjoy seeing skilled professionals ply their trade in a movie.

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TCM has curated a fascinating selection of films about art and artists for this month. There are 18 titles in all, and the bulk of them were made in Hollywood in the ’40s and ’50s. The arts played an interesting role during this period in American moviemaking: there was a shared idea of bringing culture to the masses.

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Things We Love This Month
Things We Love This Month
Things We Love This Month
Things We Love This Month


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